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Bhitarkanika Migratory Birds start return journey from Odisha

Migratory birds-Bhitarakanika National Park

The migratory birds, which arrived at Bhitarakanika National Park for their winter sojourn have begun returning to their homeland following sudden rise in temperature in Odisha. The number of birds visiting Bhitarkanika slumped to 76,268 this year in comparision to 1,06,156 last year. Around 87 types of species visited the park. While 81,874 birds haveContinue Reading…

Bird count drops at Bhitarkanika National Park

Bhitarkanika National Park

There has been a drop in the number of birds visiting Bhitarkanika National Park in Kendrapara district this winter, the mid-winter migratory bird census indicated. Though some rare species have been spotted this time, the number was lowest at 76,268 which are around 30,000 less than the previous year. Over 1,0,6,356 migratory birds have throngedContinue Reading…

Over 9 lakh Migratory Birds thronged Chilika Lake this Winter


The Bird census in Chilika lake revealed that 9,47,119 migratory birds have thronged Chilika lake this winter. Reportedly, last year 8,58,855 migratory birds were sighted in Chilika, has gone up by 88,264 this year. However, 176 species of migratory birds winged guests throng in Asia’s largest brackish water lake this year.

Over 8.58 lakh winged guests throng Chilika this year


Bhubaneswar, Jan 11: Over 8.58 lakh migratory birds have thronged Odisha’s Chilika Lake this winter, as per the bird census released on Monday. Last year, over 7.61 lakh migratory birds were sighted in Chilika Lake, Asia’s largest brackish water lake and the largest winter resort for migratory birds in the Indian subcontinent. However, the number ofContinue Reading…

These Odisha bird poachers transform into protectors


Chilika (Odisha), Dec 22: In a major transformation at Chilika, Asia’s largest brackish water lake in Odisha and the largest winter resort for migratory birds in the subcontinent, a group of poachers has become a protector of birds, inspiring others in their neighbourhood to follow suit. They have even formed a bird protection committee which theContinue Reading…

Number of Crocodiles in Bhitarkanika goes up by 16


The number of estuarine crocodile at the Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha has gone up by 16 this year to take the count to 1,665. It’s seen as a welcome development in the wildlife and aquatic circle of Odisha. In addition, the number of migratory birds in the sanctuary, has also risen by 44,712 toContinue Reading…

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