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NASA Orbiter ready for Mars Lander’s arrival in 2016

NASA Mars InSight

Washington: With its biggest orbit manoeuvre since 2006, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) is preparing for the arrival of NASA’s next Mars lander called InSight next year. On Wednesday, the Mars orbiter will be engaged in a 77-second firing of six intermediate-size thrusters that will adjust the orbit timing of the veteran spacecraft. The moveContinue Reading…

India, US to Collaborate on Digital India Initiative

Digital India

By Arun Kumar India and US have agreed to continue to explore the opportunities for collaboration on implementing India’s ambitious Digital India initiative, with the goal of enhancing digital infrastructure, deploying e-governance and e-services. The initiative is also aimed at expanding the diffusion and use of ICT as a tool to expand economic opportunity, boostContinue Reading…

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