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Debate on Odisha Girl’s Daring Act against the Molester

Odisha Girl Cuttack

Kudos to the Girl, who dared to take on the Molester in Cuttack, slapped him, beat him up with chappals and then forced him to touch her feet and say SORRY. No sure how many Girls can emulate such daring feat. But, this is the need of the hour. However, public support is more important.Continue Reading…

Sarathi Controversy: Girl alleges Conspiracy by 4 Ashram People

Sarathi Baba Kendrapara

There is a fresh twist to the tale of Sarathi Baba controversy! Kanak TV has shown an exclusive interview with the 24-year-old “girl”, who has confirmed that she had gone to Hyderabad with Sarathi Baba. However, the medical student has also alleged that some people at the Ashram were blackmailing her, saying they would showContinue Reading…

Pilibhit Girl thrashes Eve-teaser, makes him touch her Feet


A teenage Class XI girl, showed the way to millions of girls in India and sent a warning to the eve-teasers, when she dragged an erring boy to the police station and thrashed him with slaps, punches, kicks and shoes before making him touch her feet twice and apologise. Sanjana, a Class XI girl, whoContinue Reading…

Girl fights Molester on Mumbai-BBSR IndiGo Flight


A video uploaded on social media sites such as Facebook, talks about the bravery of a girl, who took head on a top business honcho for illegally touching her on board Mumbai-Bhubaneswar IndiGo flight a few days ago. The girl slammed the middle-aged man and filmed his video, forcing him to apologise again and again.Continue Reading…

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