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Over 9 lakh Migratory Birds thronged Chilika Lake this Winter


The Bird census in Chilika lake revealed that 9,47,119 migratory birds have thronged Chilika lake this winter. Reportedly, last year 8,58,855 migratory birds were sighted in Chilika, has gone up by 88,264 this year. However, 176 species of migratory birds winged guests throng in Asia’s largest brackish water lake this year.

ASIA to provide Professional Technicians to the Beauty & Wellness Industry

Ayur Spa International Academy

The temple city saw an exclusive launch of Odisha’s first ever International academy that combines Spa therapy with Ayurveda- “Ayur Spa International Academy”, simply put “ASIA”. ASIA has been conceptualized by Nature Naturals Ayurvedic Lifecare, a state based Ayurvedic Clinic that’s been in the industry for more than a decade and exports organic and ayurvedicContinue Reading…

Facebook keen on Asia despite India saying no to Free Basics: Top executive

Facebook users

New York, March 16: Despite India saying no to Free Basics and going for net neutrality, the social networking giant eyes big growth in Asia than any other parts of the world, a top Facebook executive told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Tuesday. According to Dan Neary, Facebook’s vice president for Asia Pacific, “theContinue Reading…

Australian grandparents want payment to care for grandchildren


Canberra, Feb 3: Around 40 percent of Australian grandparents believe they should be reimbursed for looking after their grandchildren, SAID a new survey. The research study, released on Wednesday by the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency (ASIA), asked the nation’s grandparents if they should receive payment — either from their child (the parent) or the governmentContinue Reading…

India and IMF to host meet on Asia’s economic challenges

International Monetary Fund - IMF

Washington, Feb 2: Asia’s strong economic performance, its increased resilience to shocks and the region’s ongoing economic policy challenges will be the focus of a high-level conference in New Delhi March 11-13. Co-hosted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Indian government, “Advancing Asia: Investing for the Future” will bring together officials, corporate executives,Continue Reading…

New Zealand welcomes record 121,900 migrants in 2015


Wellington, Feb 1: New Zealand welcomed a record 121,900 migrants, mostly from Asia in 2015, the government statistics agency said on Monday. According to Statistics New Zealand, the country had a net gain – more arrivals than departures – of 5,500 migrants in December, down from the record high of 6,200 in November, Xinhua newsContinue Reading…

Asia’s largest manganese ore discovered in China

Guizhou province manganese ore-China

Beijing, Jan 22: A reserve of 192 million tonnes of manganese ore, believed to be the largest in Asia, was discovered in China’s Guizhou province, it was announced on Friday. Pujue manganese ore was discovered in mountains between Songtao Miao and Jiangkou counties, Xinhua news agency reported. Manganese is used to make metal alloys, particularlyContinue Reading…

Asia Marks 10th Anniversary of Indian Ocean Tsunami


People still remember the havoc of the natural disaster Tsunami that struck on 26 December 2014. The 10th anniversary of horrific natural disaster was observed in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and other tsunami hit nations. Sri Lanka was one of the worse hit countries among eleven countries, as around 35,000 deaths reported. In theContinue Reading…

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