Debate on Naveen Patnaik’s invincibility in Odisha Politics

Naveen-BJD-BijuWhy Naveen Patnaik and Biju Janata Dal (BJD) remain invincible? Will Odisha witness a change in future or it looks impossible?

Swadhinee Pati: Who has seen the future? People might love BJD or hate them, but can not ignore.

Shishir Gamang: No one is invincible, it’s only the perception of the people of Odisha which is not changing.

Sachida Nanda Swain: Though I am staying outside Odisha since Naveen came to power, what I have seen is he has been using the freebies very effectively than any other states. Also he is following the same formula of Modi of crushing down the opposition almost completely. However next election may give a better picture!

Rabi Satapathy: Invincibility? Nothing like that. From around 2000 to 2014/15 , this has happened to many states and Leaders both Regional and also National Parties. Mamata, Shivraj, Raman, Nitish, Jayalalithaa, Gogoi, Badals, Modi ji as CM etc. This happened due to good economic policies of PVNR/MMS era, suddenly after this anti incumbency factor got the U Turn and Pro Incumbency started working. Naveen got more advantages due to weak opposition and absence of credible alternate regional party in Odisha but he is in decline now.

Raghunath Panda: Yes BJD will come but not with flying colours. Their roots are very strong. None could be able to counter the BJD at the root level till date.

Bhawani Mahapatra: Naveen Patnaik & few of his followers have mastered the art of election management, which requires numbers only no matter how it comes. Odias are always late in understanding, that’s why it took more than 15 yrs to know that all those looks white aren’t sober.

Jagannath Satapathy: National parties seems to be only acting on the behest of BJD supremo’s script, which is the popular perception and opinion within Odisha. So, people don’t want to waste their votes on them.

The capable and credible opposition leaders are being intentionally sidelined. Even BJP at its peak is not able to do a Panchayat level mapping and hunting real talents except going for only TV-friendly leaders who do not know the grass root diplomacy.

Again BJD workers are well-equipped from ward level to MP level by addressing the problems of common people. That makes all the difference.

Biswajit Mohanty: As long as the mining mafia backs BJD, it is difficult for Opposition parties to come up with matching funds to remove them from power!