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No Illegal Cow Transportation, confirms Southern Railways

Cow Vigilantes Bhubaneswar Bajrang Dal

Contrary to the claims made by Bajrang Dal hooligans in Odisha, who created ruckus at a Railway Station in Bhubaneswar, the CCM of Southern Railways has tweeted that transportation of 20 Cows to a Dairy Farm in Meghalaya, was legal and Railways was paid Rs 2.65 lakh towards the parcel van cost. While leading TVContinue Reading…

Odisha becomes Power Surplus State: Energy Minister


New Energy Minister Prafulla Kumar Mallick has claimed that Odisha has become a power surplus State with the addition of 100 more sub-stations. He further added that electricity will be available to all by 2019. However, there are hardly any takers for Energy Minister’s statement, as the State continues to reel under severe power crisis.

Cuttack MP Bhartuhari Mahatab inches closer to BJP


Senior BJD leader, Lok Sabha MP from Cuttack and BJD’s Leader in Lok Sabha, Bhartruhari Mahatab has taken a step closer to join BJP sooner or later with his pro-Modi and pro-Dharmendra approach. During the launch of Urja Ganga Gas Pipeline Project in Bhubaneswar, Mahatab termed P&NG Minister Dharmendra Pradhan as a popular and favouriteContinue Reading…

Assembly Polls 2017: Complete Results in 5 States


The BJP won Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand hands down. Congress captured Punjab. Goa and Manipur threw Hung Assembly. Congress emerged as the single largest party in both states. #ElectionResults * Uttar Pradesh (Total Seats: 403): BJP: 312 Apna Dal (S): 9 Bharatiya Samaj Party: 4 Samajwadi Party: 47 Congress: 7 BSP: 19 RLD: 1 NISAHD:Continue Reading…

Debate on a possible revival of Janata Parivar to stop BJP


With Congress on a decline and Opposition failing to stop the Modi Juggernaut, do you see a revival of Janata Parivar to stop BJP in key states of UP, Bihar, Karnataka and Odisha in 2019? Subramanya Pai: Yes, no other option left for them. But the problem lies with their leadership. Who will bell theContinue Reading…

Revival of Janata Parivar on the cards by 2018


It’s not just the meeting of Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav with Naveen Patnaik, that gave rise to speculations that a Third Front could likely to be happen sooner or later, the back channel talks have been going on for over a year to reunite the erstwhile Janata Dal leaders to provide the country aContinue Reading…

CVoter predicts Hung Assembly in Uttar Pradesh, AAP win in Punjab


Exit Polls on assembly polls have sent a mixed verdict. There is no clarity and everyone is predicting a different outcome. While Axis My India predicted a two-third majority for BJP in Uttar Pradesh, CVoter has hinted at the possibility of a Hung Assembly. According to CVoter, BJP may become the single largest party, butContinue Reading…

Axis-MyIndia Exit Polls predicts landslide victory for BJP in Uttar Pradesh


The India Today – Axis My India exit poll has predicted a landslide victory for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh. BJP almost made a jean sweep in 1st, 5th, 6th and 7th phases, the survey says. As per the exit poll survey, BJP will win 251-279 seats in the 403-member Assembly. Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance mayContinue Reading…

Facebook Debate on PM Modi’s “Poor” Remarks on Odisha


Debate: Do you support PM Modi’s statement that #Odisha is set as example for illiteracy, poverty & unemployment? Is Odisha lone exception and other States are rich and affluent? Bhabani Shankar Hota: But during Bihar election campaign, Modi told the audience to look to Odisha, Karnataka etc as they are producing thousands of professionals whereContinue Reading…

Uproar over PM Modi’s ‘Poor and Hungry Odisha’ Remarks


We are not saying PM blamed or scolded Odisha. He would never do it even in his wildest dreams. He is our PM and we love him. At the election rally in Uttar Pradesh, PM wanted to prove a point that even Poor, Hungry and Illiterate people (in Odisha) reposed trust in BJP and votedContinue Reading…